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Hello, I'm Shalamar.

I'll attempt a proper introduction by stating some simple truths:

I'm so very fortunate to be married to my best friend, Keith Outlaw, who you will come to know through this website. Keith and I wed in 2016.

I'm mother to two entirely unique individuals; soulmates of mine.

Tyler was birthed, in 2005, from a previous marriage and carries the surname Petty.

Tyler is passionate about creating music, writing, and art.

Olivia was birthed to Keith and I in 2017; our only Outlaw.

Olivia was diagnosed with BPAN at eighteen months old.

Olivia died on the fifth of September, 2022 at 10:15PM.

Both children were, and are, exceptional beacons of light.

As of March 2023, we've downsized all of our possessions, purchased a fifth wheel, and have become full-time nomads. 

Keith and I are on expedition to find new purpose, built on the groundwork of the lessons we've learned from being parents to a girl named Outlaw.

Connect with me here:


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