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A Time to Grieve

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Who are we without your touch;

your kisses to slather our cheeks?

What should our time comprise there-of

Days blurred into weeks.

You’ve left us with this empty hole,

that none could ever fill.

Loving you, then losing you,

the hardest swallowed pill.

Despite the pain,

I know for sure,

We’d do it all again.

You've taught us how to truly love,

Our rare, enlightened gem.

The lessons you taught each one of us,

Emitting through your touch.

A smile that brightened all our hearts,

You're missed, my girl, so much.

We’re grateful Liv,

For what you taught


your Bob,

and Me.

We’ll see you soon,

Our darling girl,

within eternity.

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Shalamar Iris
Shalamar Iris
May 22, 2023

“There is more to this life than what our eyes can see.”

Agreed, John.

Thank you for the words of love and encouragement. 🤍


Love and peace to you both as you ride on this journey. Your pain is one that No parent should ever experience. Continue to write, both of you. Let the pain transfer little by little like crums from deepnwith to surface on Paper. In the physical we experience loss however, our words, our memories, and our inner spirit Is what keeps us and our love for our friends, family and ones lost alive. Your kindness o e day long ago kept a lost soul from the sorrow of the unthinkable. I will forever be grateful as will my children for your kindness. Your pen is your medicine, the paper your food, the words are healing to everyone who can read…

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