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Exciting News

Hello to our beautiful community of readers!

I am humbled and honored to receive messages (and views) from all over the globe.

I (also) want to thank you for your patience on the output of these posts.

I am currently concentrating all of my efforts in assembling my thoughts for the book I'm currently birthing, Girl Named Outlaw.

I used the word birthing because the term feels incredibly fitting for this labor of love.

In the meantime, I wanted to pop on and share with you some exciting news, for me and (perhaps) for us:

I've published my first written work!

It's called Monarch,

And it's available for purchase through Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Monarch is a little book of poetry that is comprised of several parts.

Each page is filled with the dialogue of a caterpillar conversing with a butterfly.

One autumn day in September, while sitting outside with my husband, I pondered,

"I wonder what a caterpillar would say to a butterfly if they could speak to one another..."

What came next is what I lovingly refer to as a spiritual nosebleed of sorts.

I ran to get my notebook, and the poem Monarch was written that afternoon.

I remember sitting with the poem once completed, tears in my eyes, as my husband catered to me (water, coffee & snacks). The writing process can be frenzied!

I felt like I'd written something special (even if it was meant for no-one other than myself).

Later, my husband collaborated on the project by creating the book's cover.

The poem Monarch is an allegory of salvation. It is the thing that is most central to my heart.

I found myself within the laments of the caterpillar,

And I found hope through the replies of the butterfly.

The poem is written in traditional verse which means it rhymes, and its story like back-and-forth is perfect for the eyes and ears of young readers.

I pray that this book brings to you to the curiosity of a caterpillar, coupled with the resolve and resound of a butterfly.

In love & gratitude,


More included at the bottom of the page:

Pictures, Video & Links below.



I received my copy yesterday!

To purchase Monarch at Barnes and Nobel, please click the caterpillar (link enclosed):

To purchase Monarch on Amazon, please click the butterfly (link enclosed):

*For more information on the writing process of Monarch or to follow us on social media, please click the screenshot below (link embedded).

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