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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

My husband (who is often my editor) pointed out that I'd disclosed more information about Callie than I did Bob, in my latest post Girl and her Bob.

(Link in the picture below)

Perhaps, I subconsciously didn't want to overshadow Callie's memory too quickly.

Anyhow, instead of backpedaling and editing in another paragraph about how fantastic a dog Bob truly is...I thought it more fun to post 10 true and adorable facts about Bob.

  1. Bob's official name is Robert-Rufford (Outlaw).

  2. Bob's nicknames are Robert, Bobby, Bobby Diesel, Ricky Bobby...basically anything containing the word bob.

  3. Bob sleeps in bed with Keith and I. (It's a king, but still...)

  4. Bob is addicted to cuddling. Seriously, this dog loves being the inside spoon.

  5. Bob plays with Olivia. He will constantly bring her mini-stuffed animals (all of which used to be hers) and patiently place them on her lap while he waits for her to toss them (which she does). He's been known to chew up a toy or two.

  6. Bob prefers fresh water with ice-cubes. Who doesn't?

  7. Bob is very protective. He will walk the perimeter of our home often, and if Olivia is in her room, he is usually laying down in front of her door.

  8. Bob watches television. He did not like Scar in Disney's remake of the Lion King.

  9. Bob loves the water. He had a great time at the beach last summer, and we are looking forward to beach-weather this year.

  10. Bob is extremely social. He needs to be in the mix. People, animals, squirrels, leaves...he's always right there.

We love our Bob.

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