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Growing in Ranks

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

It's been awhile since I've truly updated on Olivia's developments, and though I desire to open this blog a little more often, life...

My mother has moved back into town.

Some may know, she's been living overseas for several years now.

First Singapore, then South Korea.

As of May, both she and Russ have settled back into Texas, about a half an hour from where Keith and I currently reside.

This has been such a tremendous load off.

Say what you will about the challenges of grown mother/daughter relationships, I've been truly humbled by her heart and Russ's support and generosity.

Being a witness to my mom and Olivia expanding their relationship beyond face-time has been such a joy, and being able to take long showers whilst using all of my mom's beauty products has been such a treat!

Yesterday morning was Olivia's first day of in-home ABA therapy (that is taking place in my mother's home currently).

At about 8:40 AM, I trudged up the stairs, Olivia heavy on my hip, to the smell of my mother finishing breakfast, Russ greeting me kindly, and Olivia's new therapist ready to go!

I thought to myself, Yes...Team Olivia!

We've many goals for Olivia, most of them practical and useful for everyday living.

Communication is the highest of priorities.

Communication abilities start off very small; in Olivia's case, they begin with the discrimination of two objects.

Olivia was a little whiz on the first day, and we couldn't be more pleased with how she is responding to her new therapist.

What I've learned as of yesterday is that Olivia knows more than she's letting on...

I am beyond eager to break the barriers of communication with her, and to get to know my daughter greater!

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