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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In December of 2020, we had a Wish come true.

The Covid-pandemic has been a difficult societal venture on all of us.

With businesses on pause, and the mandate to social distance, many of us have sought out recreational pleasure out-of-doors. For our little family, this is laborious.

Aside from her proficient crawling, Olivia is wheelchair bound in public spaces, or she must be carried; you can see how this limits our options.

One night, while perusing Google, I got it in my head to look up special needs bikes, or adaptive bikes. To be honest, there weren't many options, and I didn't like any of them...

Then I stumbled upon the Triobike out of Denmark!

With over 390 kilometers of bike lanes, Copenhagen is considered to be the biking capital of the world. That being said, they know how to bike in style!

Cue the magic fairies at Make-A-Wish.

Once we'd decided our wish and completed all of the required documentation/interviews, the team-members at MAW worked tirelessly to see Olivia's wish to fruition.

The entire experience (from conception to delivery) was such a heartfelt one.

We are so very fortunate to have gotten green lights at every juncture, and to have had such beautiful people involved in this process.

Attached are some photos of the delivery parade, along with a video.

I extend my sincere gratitude to every single (behind-the-scenes) person that made our year; that includes those who have ever given a donation (of money or time) to Make-A-Wish!

We've ridden over 300km since getting the Triobike in December!

Please click the picture of the balloons below to watch our full interview posted by the City of League City, Texas.

Special thanks:

Our Make-A-Wish team: Carrie Foshee, Judith Peck, Tamra Strano, Lisett Miranda

Parade: League City Police & Fire Department

Bicycle: Triobike, Simon Hjorth, CMO/COO

Bicycle Assembly: SlowTwitch Niche, Seabrook

Crowd: Family, friends, and neighbors

Cupcakes: Billie Duncan

Interview: i45NOW

Photo & Videography: JF Studioz

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