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Olivia and school

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Olivia was age three when the question of formal education arose.

Still fully immersed in coming to terms with her diagnosis, I was asked kindly by a stranger, "Where do you plan on enrolling Olivia?"

That question stumped me.



I spent that afternoon surveying my daughter through the lens of her special needs.

She couldn't communicate. Couldn't stand. Potty-training wasn't possible (at that point, and maybe ever). She couldn't self-feed, hold a crayon, hold attention...

These were just a few of her minor limitations.

Then there were the graver medical uncertainties.

The medications.

The daily (sometimes hourly) troubleshooting.

In that moment, I'd mentally resolved not to pursue the idea of schooling.

Olivia is now five months shy of five years, and I find myself revisiting this juncture.

In the state of Texas, Olivia is required to be enrolled in school by age five (so our social worker has informed us).

It's up to us, however, whether we decide to homeschool- or integrate her publicly.

I don't know what public schooling would look like in regard to Olivia.

Hell, I don't know what home-schooling would entail given her limitations...

But, today we have an evaluation with our districts' special needs governing body.

It's our introduction into her (and our) future...

I know she'll do well socially; she's pretty charming.

I know I'll fumble through it; I'm pretty awkward.

But we'll get through it.

We always do.

Then, we'll come home and love on each other, without uttering a word.

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