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Ravens' Refuge

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In twenty-fifteen, while formalizing our wedding plans, I decided that I wanted platinum bands custom made for Keith and I.

This is how my adoration for (husband & wife team) Dan, and Laura Palmer of Ravens' Refuge began.

For Keith's birthday this year, I wanted to present him with a piece of jewelry that was more than...

I hadn't a clue on how it could be done, but I knew if it was to be done, Dan would perfect it.

We went back and forth for weeks on this project, waxes were cast, and gold was forged into what you see here.

This is Olivia's thumbprint, forever encased in fourteen karat gold, to be worn daily around my husband's neck.

Thank you Ravens' Refuge,

We love it so much.

For more information on this phenomenal small business, click the link in the picture below:

Image Copyrighted

Fine Jewelry by Dan Palmer.

All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ravens' Refuge

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