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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In my last post, I'd mentioned that I was looking forward to coming home.

Well, that never came to fruition the way I'd hoped.

In the eighteen months that our home had been inhabited, it sustained severe damages.

The tenants, that were chosen by a professional rental company, wrought havoc.

We've incurred twenty five thousand dollars worth of damage, to be exact.

The destruction caused, severe as it was, required us to extend our apartment lease...

And while renovations are underway, our family has been facing medical complications with little O.

Olivia, who is currently snoring- pressed sweetly against Keith, underwent GI-tube surgery early Monday morning.

I'm relieved that we are on the other-side of surgery, that it was successful, and that the tube is functional.

Keith, Olivia, and I, spent last night (after being discharged) directly across from Texas Children's.. out of precaution: since our apartment is an hour away.

Thankfully, aside from Olivia being in quite a bit of pain, we are making it through.

I won't give you false bravado.

Truth is... life has gone sideways for us.

Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

But we are here...

Our little family is making it through...

In tact,

And with a-lot of love.

Somedays, it feels like the whole world has gone mad...

But I think people are just hurting...

It's much easier to check go numb..and to grow cynical...

But joy cannot be found in that place.

Joy lives in love...

And love requires everything you've got.

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