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For the grieving mother.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

{For the mother whose children are estranged.

For the mother who wears the indelible scars of unbirthed pregnancies.

For the mother who knows what it’s like to be present for her child’s first cries,

And their last.

For the mother that never got to say goodbye.

For the grieving mother,

We honor you.

As you sit quietly,

Or sob loudly

Cries of unrequited love,

Cries of unfulfilled dreams,

Cries of bottomless despair,

Cries of regret,

You are not overlooked.


Take your seat at the head of the table

and speak to us

of Love’s unfathomable depths.

The Width,

The Breadth,

The Height,

The Mystery,

and tell us

Love’s worth.

You, who have measured Death

And choose Life...still.

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You are an admirable woman and someone who deserve all the good things in this world, you are a great example of what being a true fighter really means 🤍


Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez
May 14, 2023

Beautifully said.

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