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The sun will come out, tomorrow.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

This week has been interesting.

Houston, which isn’t acclimated to below freezing temperatures, experienced a series of severe winter storms that brought with them snow, sleet, and ice that busted pipes, as well as gusts of wind that knocked-out electricity, all over the state.

Though we had some spotty power, our home ultimately persevered.

(Specifically, my parent’s townhouse: thank you Mom & Russ.)

The only challenge we truly endured was a lack of cellular signal, and absentee Wi-Fi.

I say endured because even though I can adjust without (since connectivity is a minuscule first-world problem); Olivia cannot yet comprehend that reality.

She flourishes best with her own expectation, and routine.

(Cue Netflix and Amazon Prime.)

We had none of that this week

…and by Wednesday, Olivia had had it.

She doesn’t have meltdowns usually, but she did this week. Several of them.

Just laying it out there.

I often had to explain, audibly and gesturally, that everything was going to be alright.

Mum had to be the week's entertainment.

There were a lot of impromptu dance parties. Interpretive ones set to silence.

I also had to communicate, through the comfort of extra-long bubble baths, that life resumes, regardless of circumstance.

This week was chockfull of learning for us both!

The cold is now just starting to dissipate. Gradually.

Houston is under a mandatory water-boil and grocers are running low on the essentials, but we have all we need.

Also, I’m grateful for the little bits of sunshine peeking through with the expectation of warmer days.

Sending a warm-update from Texas (figuratively).

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