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Life, May 6th

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Olivia is curled up on my side of the bed lightly snoring.

I’ve flipped open my MacBook, coffee beside me.

Coffee is always present these days, so much so that I’ve had to downsize my love for Nespresso for a more sustainable option: traditional drip.

My brain's been swimming lately with life lessons, thoughts, analogies, purpose, bewilderment, fear, hope, unrelenting determination, and often exhaustion.

My heart is full. Sometimes, so much so, that it aches…

I pulse back the apprehensions of love and loss, weigh the costs, and still choose to go all in.

I’ve taken up cold showers to fight anxiety…which, to me, is shock therapy.

I try to remain consistent with vitamins.

I bask in Olivia’s damp kisses, and Bob’s pressing cuddles.

Tyler and I text our affections back and forth, and I focus on putting my arms around him, instead of the 250 miles between us.

My husband gets off work daily to give Olivia, Bob, and I, his inexorable attention and compassion.

I have sincere relationships.

There is so much to be grateful for.

And, I am.


Today, Olivia has an afternoon appointment with Hanger Clinic for orthotics.

Appointments are tough for me (mentally, yes) but, today my body is sore, and I still must load the wheelchair, Olivia, Bob, and all our accessories.

To every special needs’ caretaker: my heart, and tender limbs, revere you.

You are validated, and so very important.

You may message me, whenever, about whatever.

In the meantime, I send you my love,

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