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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

On Monday my vision started to fail me.

I’ve had glasses since elementary school, so I’m accustomed to a blurry world without corrective lenses…

But in a matter of hours, I could no longer see clearly …even through my prescription glasses.

Hoping my eyes would eventually refocus, I continued making sense of the shapes around me until Tuesday.

Finally, nerve-wracked enough, I sought out my physician (yesterday) to which I got labs drawn and was quickly admitted to ophthalmology.

The beauty of ophthalmology (in practice) is the technology to be stellar, and results come about rather quickly.

Within ninety-minutes or so, clinicians were able to rule out glaucoma, ocular detachment, and eye disease.

My eyes are healthy. My retinas, however, were found to be impaired and inflamed. Cause still unknown.

I went home with an immediate prescription for Prednisolone drops, as we troubleshoot the underlying cause for inflammation in my body.

Today, I awake to clearer vision, and with brand-new perspective…literally.

First off, I’m grateful for having access to first-world medical care and experiencing this level of alleviation.

Secondly, our bodies are so fragile. These heaps of vascular tissue, bound together by muscle, ligament, and bone…are so easy to break and become ill.

(And our bodies will break down, they will become ill…and eventually our bodies will cease to be.)

So, perhaps I should be more rooted in that reality, and respect my body more.

Thirdly, our souls can be resilient and triumphant, regardless of our physical instabilities.

May every morning be a wake-up call.

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I love you so much and love your writing. Shalamar my heart is broken for you and Keith . Praying for you.

Shalamar Iris
Shalamar Iris
Sep 17, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for your love, and the diligence of your prayers.

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