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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

So yesterday I thought: the only difference between purposeful design, fate, or happenstance is what I choose to believe in.

My perspective determines what I believe to be true.

According to a blog posted in 2010 on Psychology Today, 46.9 percent of our days are spent mind-wandering.

I’m skeptical with statistics, but if I were to consider my own human experience, it seems valid enough.

This is another example of how my particular vantage point substantiates or disregards facts or truths.

One’s mindset is a powerful mechanism, especially if Homo-sapiens spend half their days on autopilot.

To read the article referenced, click on the link in the picture below:

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Psychology Today, and have not been compensated to share this post.

Definition: Homo-sapien (Latin)- wise-man.

Virtually sending you all my happy thoughts!

*Cover Photo Credit: Tyler Benjamin Petty

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